Why Are Microsoft and Sony Finally Joining Forces?

Microsoft and Sony signed a “memorandum of understanding” demonstrating the intent of both companies to work together to develop cloud and AI technologies. This means that Sony will begin using Microsoft Azure to further explore and develop cloud gaming solutions along with Microsoft. However, most people thought they’d never see Microsoft and Sony team up against Google.

Rivals Working Together Against Google

The software should allow both companies to identify better solutions when it comes to content streaming and gaming. Sony made clear that this would be a good move for consumers and developers. In part, the move should help with the generation of interactive content. They also think it will mean enhanced platforms of developers.

Is Google the Future of Gaming?

Still, it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room. That would be Google’s Stadia, largely considered the future of gaming. Google’s intention is to revolutionize gaming. If they have their way, physical copies of games and consoles will no longer exist. In Google’s future, it will all exist on the cloud. That is, games will be stored virtually.

Microsoft and Sony both seem to agree that Google is right. When you consider that, it makes Sony and Microsoft’s choice seem less magnanimous and more necessary. Without swift action against Google, it’s likely Google will trounce them.

Google is coming into the gaming realm. Now, it’s up to Microsoft and Sony to make sure they aren’t left out of the fray.  Though Microsoft and Sony are rivals, their common enemy is clearly Google.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida stressed their common interests. He said that while Microsoft was a Sony competitor, the two have also been business partners for years.

That makes it seem a little less surprising that Sony would choose Microsoft Azure as its means of exploring the cloud gaming realm. Perhaps through clinging to one another, it’ll be less likely they will be made redundant as a result of Google’s ambitions.

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