Top Overwatch Tips & Tricks 2020

Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based first-person shooter that revolves around objective taking. In Overwatch, classes ranging from DPS, to tank and healer join together in 6 on 6 competitive formats to capture points and move payloads. The outcome of each Overwatch match heavily relies on the skill of each individual as well as the communication and teamwork of each team. Below are some tips to help you improve your Overwatch gameplay.

Use communication

Communication is essential for any team-based game to win. You may have the greatest of individual players, but if your team cannot play together and coordinate, that skill will not be used to its full potential. By just using communication, stating where enemies are or telling your teammates your ultimate is up, allows for better team play. While this tip is very simple, it is neglected by many. Don’t forget to use your in-game voice chat to maximize the coordination of ultimates and team play.

Practice your Aim

While aiming is essential in every first-person shooter, this applies to mainly DPS characters as they are doing the bulk of the damage. Practicing your aim will enable you to kill the enemy quickly and efficiently, allowing space for the rest of your teammates to coordinate a push. Your aim can be practiced in a multitude of ways. The in-game practice arena can be used as an aim trainer where one can shoot at bots from a variety of angles. Another option for training your aim would be Kovaaks aim trainer on Steam. This program has a variety of challenges that you can do, from flick training from different angles to tracking at multiple speeds. Both tracking and flicking are vital in Overwatch, practicing both would allow you to become a better individual with a wider variety of playable heroes.

Use customizable character options

Each hero has the option to be customized however you want it. From custom crosshairs to specific hero locked settings, changing these settings will allow you to play exactly how you would like to. For example, Reinhardt’s shield can be changed to toggle, taking the stress off of holding down your mouse button in big team fights. Allowing yourself to play where it’s most comfortable may allow you to perform better.

Counter pick the enemy team

With many heroes, comes counter picking. Coordinating with your team to pick certain heroes against the enemy team may give your team the edge. If your current lineup isn’t working, switch it up, using a different hero that counters the enemy team may allow your team to push forward. This is especially useful when you are dealing with a hero that your current team composition may not favor.

Coordinate Ultimates and remember Team Composition

While each individual may have different strengths and weaknesses, the team that can coordinate together will have an advantage in that area. Coordinating ultimates together will allow your team to wipe the enemy team more efficiently. This will also decrease the number of ultimates that go wasted per round. By having more efficient ultimates, your team will have an easier time pushing the payload or capturing points. Furthermore, team compositions are an integral part of Overwatch. Having team compositions that are viable and have Ultimate

Have a variety of heroes in your arsenal

Though many players have a main hero that they prefer, having multiple heroes at your disposal will allow you to become a well-rounded team player. Even if there is position locking, your teammate may prefer a certain hero over the others and by being flexible and allowing your teammate to play at their peak, you are setting your team up for victory without compromising your ability to perform.

Don’t push alone

Pushing alone against the enemy team will make you an easy target to kill. Without your teammates backing you up, you are setting yourself up for failure. Don’t rush in alone unless it is necessary, or part of a strategy. Most heroes in Overwatch are unable to team wipe the enemy team, assuming that both teams are similar in skill. Staying with your team will allow you to build up ultimate charge more efficiently, and will allow your team to back each other up in team fights.

Play the Objective

Overwatch is an objective game, in clinch situations such as overtime prioritizing the objective should be the sole focus. Disregarding this and playing team deathmatch in an overtime situation may lead your team to a loss. Understand your role in the current situation and apply it, if the overtime timer is about to run out your priority should be getting back to the objective to somehow shape or form clinch the round. Furthermore, you should not run around and attempt to solo kill every single enemy, Overwatch at its core is a team game. While it may help to wipe the other team, in most situations solo players are not going to be able to achieve this. Becoming a team player will make other individuals enjoy playing with you and will allow your team to have boosted morale and focus.

Bottom Line

Overwatch in itself has many intricacies, from hero mechanics to team communication. Focusing on a combination of individual skill and team play will allow you to excel in online play. Remember to keep these tips in mind in your next Overwatch match.

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