Today’s Esports Tournaments Continue to Grow in Popularity and Prizes

Do you love playing video games? Welcome to the exciting and extremely competitive esports industry. It’s a multiplayer platform where gamers play for huge prizes in top-level tournaments. And the payoffs for winning an esports tournament is growing exponentially to millions of dollars.

And this year promises exciting matches for head-to-head competitions as well as teams participating in leagues. According to Business Insider researchers, “Competitive video gaming will be a $1.5 billion industry by 2020. Newzoo projects will reach $1.48 billion and 589 million, respectively, not including revenue generated from eSports-related betting.”

Players migrate from around the globe to compete against each other. As a result, they have taken video gaming to the professional sports level. In fact, many players battle for prize pools of around $24,000,000.

The Esports Industry 2019

July 26 to 28: Fortnite World Cup Finals

Streamers and players find the $40 million prize pool irresistible in this tournament sponsored by Epic Games, one of the top companies in the esports industry.

  • Fortnite: Qualifying participants earn a minimum of $50,000 with top player awarded $30 million.

August 15 to 20: The International

This esports event takes place in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena. The teams compete for one of the 18 available spots by playing in a series of small tourneys or the Dota Pro Circuit. Also, the total prize money could top $11 million.

  • The International: This is a Dota 2 tournament featuring teams from around the globe. Game developer Valve is awarding 25 percent of their “Battle Pass” profits to the prize money pool. This gesture makes the International one of the top-paid esports tournaments on Earth. But the 2018 version reached over $25,000,000 in prize money.

August 20 to September 8: CS: GO Major Tournaments

The last “Major” was held at Intel’s Masters Xlll, awarding $500,000 to the Danish team, Astralis.

  • CS:GO: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive “Majors” hosts players from around the world sponsored by Valve. It takes place in Berlin, Germany featuring 24 teams from Europe, Asia, CIS, and the USA.

November 2 and 3: Overwatch World Cup

Teams compete as a single unit under their national flag instead of their eSports affiliates; prize money is typically around $16,000.

  • Overwatch: According to Blizzard, “So more nations can compete at BlizzCon, we announce a tournament structure offering eligible countries an opportunity to form teams so they can challenge others for a spot in the onsite Group Stage. In 2019, the entire tournament will take place in Anaheim, California, and streamed live to platforms worldwide.”

The Best Games, Players and Awards

#1 Dota 2

  • $179,400,542.192940 Players1105 Tournaments

#2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • $75,420,860
  • 6611556 Players
  • 4055 Tournaments

#3 League of Legends

  • $67,865,349
  • 436390 Players
  • 2295 Tournaments

#4 StarCraft II

  • $30,338,965
  • 241932 Players
  • 5394 Tournaments

#5 Fortnite

  • $29,666,742
  • 142456 Players
  • 318 Tournaments

Apparently, the esports industry and tournaments are growing in popularity. And the prizes are growing along with them, too. So, if you have any gaming talent, practice up and perhaps you can bring home the top prize.

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