The Top 5 Cities Gaining Steam in the Esports Industry

If you are all about esports and gaming, you are probably wondering about the fastest growing cities in the esports industry. Esports has become a million-dollar industry, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. So more cities are building esports arenas and launching esports teams. In some states, they even offer esports at the high school and collegiate levels.

And the gaming industry also provides a way for gamers to earn big bucks, thanks to the many tournaments you can compete in. So here are some of the fastest-growing cities for esports.

  1. Seattle, Washington and Unikrn

Seattle is a great city for e-sports lovers. This city has four cool e-sports companies that offer the best sporting content and activities for residents. The company, Unikrn, is a sports betting company that accepts bets on games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Global Offensive.

And in 2018, it was Seattle that hosted the first e-sports convention. So this is a neat place to live if you love the esports industry. Seattle continues to be one of the top five cities in the esports industry.

  1. Raleigh, N.C. and Wallet Hub

This is another of the top cities in the esports industry. This year, Raleigh will host the 2019 Six Major Raleigh e-sports tournament. And the website Wallet Hub ranked Raleigh as the ninth-best city for gamers. North Carolina State University has an e-sports club, and there is also the Triangle Esports Championship that is popular throughout the state.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia and SMITE

If you love e-sports and love the southeast, consider living in Atlanta. This city is home to two popular e-sports games; SMITE and Paladins. SMITE is a multiplayer online battle game and Paladins is a first-person shooter game. In addition, Atlanta now has its own Overwatch League team. The name of the team is Atlanta Reign.

With the increase in the number of gaming companies coming to Atlanta, it’s becoming an esports industry mecca. So, look to Atlanta to be among the biggest cities in the esports industry.

  1. Houston, Texas and Clutch

According to Houstonia Magazine, the Houston Rockets now have a division for e-sports, and they created a team they call Clutch. The magazine also stated that investors are increasingly becoming interested in building venues that could host esports events, such as tournaments or regular games.

Here’s another reason Houston is set to be one of the top cities in the esports industry. The Houston Outlaws, an esports team who participates in Overwatch, plan to move their headquarters to Houston next year.

  1. Washington D.C. and Overwatch

The nation’s capital is another growing esports industry hub. The Washington Post states that this city just purchased an Overwatch team. In addition, Washington D.C. has a high number of Overwatch enthusiasts already. This means that the city is ripe for a booming esports industry.

In conclusion, these cities will continue to be hubs for an industry that is fascinating and appealing to people of all ages. Best of all, these top five cities in the esports industry could bring in consistent revenue to other cities in the future.

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