The Importance of Esports for a Better STEM Education

There is a lot of talk about the importance of preparing kids for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM. As a result, STEM career preparation is quickly becoming a priority at many schools nationwide. But did you know that esports can play a huge role in the promotion of these types of jobs?

Esports is a type of multiplayer competition via video games between teams, individuals or professional players. An increasing number of high schools and colleges are offering esports classes and even have varsity esports teams. So, read on to learn how esports promotes STEM to kids and teens.

STEM Skills are Important in Esports

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential in esports, and in STEM careers overall. In most video games, you have to defeat one or more opponents to reach the next level or win the game. You’ll need to use your critical thinking skills to develop a strategy that helps you win the game. And research is another STEM skill that gamers often use. They often look up online playbooks that pertain to certain video games or talk with those who are experienced in them.

The Advantages of Esports in Schools 

One benefit of having esports programs is that students learn the necessity of teamwork in the workplace. For example, when you’re employed as a research assistant for a university biology department, you need to get feedback on your ideas from the head researchers. Also, you have to contribute to each project equally.

Also, esports promotes social skills among students. If you have to come up with a strategy to defeat an opposing esports team, you will need to work with your team members to succeed. Students who are involved in esports might also develop an interest in STEM careers. A gamer might eventually decide to start his own video game company or develop a gaming app.

In conclusion, esports is a major factor in the development of STEM careers. So, parents and educators should encourage future generations to be involved in them.

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