Merge Dragons: A Fun and Addictive Mobile Game

Merge Dragons is a video game you can play on a mobile device. The goal of the game is to collect as many dragons and discover as many “top merges” as possible. But is Merge Dragons worth the time you spend playing it?

You can play the game in three different ways:

  • First, you can beat normal levels on the map which become increasingly more difficult as players progress.
  • Second, you can play “camp,” which is essentially your home. Here you can merge dragons and create homes for them, as well as discover multiple new items by merging three of a kind of anything.
  • Third, you can play special events which offer extra rewards beyond what is normally available.

It’s All About the Tutorial

When you first start playing Merge Dragons, it is a little difficult to understand. While not impossible, there are several key things which players must discover for themselves that is not included in the game’s tutorial. With a little playing around, however, the game becomes quite simple. The issue is that a lot of players may become discouraged in the very beginning and never realize just how simple the game is.

The Gameplay is Easy, But Not Too Easy

Without the use of gems, which cost actual money, progressing through the game is slow but steady. With the use of gems, players can quickly move up through the levels and increase the overall rating of their camp. Generally speaking, the game isn’t difficult – even without the use of gems.

Hours of Fun

If nothing else, Merge Dragons can quickly become addicting. Once you master the basics of the game, it’s easy to fall into hours-worth of play without even realizing it. The game receives top points for fun.

Merge Dragons: In Conclusion

Overall, Merge Dragons is a fun and engaging mobile game that isn’t overly difficult – but is challenging enough that things remain interesting. The only real complaint is that the tutorial could be more inclusive.

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